Headquake Pro

Headquake Pro is brought to you by Sonic Emotion Absolute 3D sound. The company is specializing in cutting edge sound technology for both professional applications and consumer electronics, including audio devices, laptops, TVs and headphones. For more information, please click on the website links below:

Headquake Pro is the Absolute 3D listening experience. - the world’s premier sound enhancement app ever built for iOS that takes you to another dimension! Listen to your iTunes library of music in a never before heard quality, that is personalized to your favorite type of headphones. 

Compatible with i0S5 and above. 

Headquake Pro is plug and play. The app will automatically sync your iTunes/iPod music so all you need to do is press play and enjoy.

Headquake Pro is available with unlimited use, free of charge with an in-app upgrade benefit package for $1.99 or equivalent. The benefit package frees you from advertising and allows you to save your sound creations for each individual song.

The new Headquake Pro app features:

Attention regarding  Headquake Pro version 2.0: 

- Why can`t I select more headphone types in the Personalize section?

With the current release of Headquake 2.0, the third party headphones are currently not available. We are working hard to update this soon so you can enjoy all that we have to offer including: Beats by Dre, UrbanEars, Beyerdynamic, Ferrari, Medion, B & W, Sennheiser and Sony.

- Why can`t I purchase the Upgrade Benefits Package?

With the current release of Headquake 2.0, this is currently unavailable. We are working hard to update this and release a new version to have working in-app purchase capabilities soon.

What devices are compatible with Headquake Pro?

Headquake Pro supports iOS 5, 5s, iPhone 4, iPad1 & iPad2 Generations, iPodTouch Fourth Generation. Usage on iPhone 3GS is supported but you may incurr audio dropouts

What if I don`t see my headphones listed on the Personlize page?

If you do not see your type of headphones, then please feel free to email us your suggestion!

If I do not choose my headphone, will it automatically choose the right type of headphones for me?

No, please be sure to select your headphone type to get the ultimate Absolute 3D experience.

When I press the 3D Sound Off button and it disables, why does it turn back on automatically?

Why listen to your music any other way?! :) This is how it works to always be giving you the Absolute 3D.

Why can`t I play my iTunes songs coming from my iCloud? I receive a message error " Media Loading Error, Could not load song **** Theme, maybe it has protected content?

Absolute 3D is working on creating an automatic sync for you regarding this match issue of your iTunes music in your iCloud. In the meantime, please open your iTunes player; Open the song **** with the iCloud icon, Press iCloud icon where the song will begin to download; Re-open Headquake Pro and it will re-sync so you can listen to song **** in Absolute 3D!

Why is there a long delay between songs sometimes when running in the background?

This is because files must be exported from the music library so we can play them when the application is running in the background - Very large files simply take some time to export. You may also will want to check your iOS disk space just in case it is getting full. If no music is shown or some music does not appear then it maybe because the app is still synchronizing with the iTunes library in the background or because all your music is protected or in the cloud with iTunes match and so can not be processed by the application.

Why doesn't Headquake Pro update the played information of the song`s ID tag?

This is because although you`re playing your iPod music library in Absolute 3D, Headquake Pro is its own music player and due to iOS restrictions we can not update this information. 

While using your app, you may receive an error message. Don`t worry, we`ll let you know why.

An error occurred while trying to load a headphone filter. Please install the application and re-download your filters if required, otherwise select a different filter in the "Personalize" tab. Details: "***"
An error occurred setting up your output audios route. Exiting other applications and/or restarting Headquake Pro may help. Details: "***"
An error occurred setting up the audio session. Exiting other applications and/or restarting Headquake Pro may help. Details: "***"
Could not load song *** because it is no longer in the music library database. Would you like to resynchronize? By pressing "Yes" you will be able to resynchronize.
Could not load song *** and others because they are no longer in the music library database. Would you like to resynchronize? By pressing "Yes" you will be able to resynchronize.
Could not load song *** - this occurs possibly because it is protected content.
Your hardware capability is not sufficient to run this application seamlessly. Unfortunately, you may experience audio dropouts.
Headquake Pro has no music in it but I have music in my library. A quick force quit to the app then restart, while ensuring no sync with iTunes is being performed at the time should do the trick. :)

Can I experience Absolute 3D just by using the Headquake Pro app or will it work to my loudspeakers as well?

Yes, actually sonic emotion Absolute 3D provides 3D Sound both within the Headquake Pro application and through loudspeaker solutions. Please check out our website at www.sonicemotion.com for current products and brands that collaborate with sonic emotion Absolute 3D.

Where can I find out more information about Absolute 3D sound?

Please visit Sonic Emotion Absolute 3D on our webpage www.sonicemotion.com and our Facebook page. We would love to hear from you and your friends!